Where to Eat in Ronda

Let us Make up Your Mind on Where to Eat in Ronda!

If you are wondering where to eat in Ronda, you have come to the right place. Deciding where to eat in Ronda can be quite a hassle for newcomers and travellers only passing through on a day trip. That is why we took the initiative to write a teeny-tiny foodie guide for people wishing to eat well while enjoying the city. Single out the ideal place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner depending on what tickles your fancy and try something different every day, without repeating the same experience twice during your stay in Ronda, Spain.

where to eat in Ronda

Start Off the Day by Eating an Authentic Spanish Breakfast

When deciding upon things to do in Ronda, can you think of a better way to start the day off right than by relaxing on the terrace of a café, while enjoying a lovely breakfast in the morning breeze?

Nope? Good, because we’ve got you covered! Places like Bar Sanchez, in the Barrio San Francisco, serve typical Spanish breakfasts, which usually comprise two slices of toasted bread coated with grated tomato and olive oil. This hearty breakfast always comes accompanied with a café crème and a freshly squeezed orange juice. It is just the perfect way to begin a new day of fun and adventure feeling fresh and ready.

The Art of Lunching, Spanish Style

Wow! Is it noon already? It is very easy to find tapas bars in Ronda, which is great, since they are both convenient and inexpensive. For instance, Tragatá, on the Calle Nueva, near the famous Puente Nuevo (The New Bridge) in the heart of the city centre, is an institution in Ronda. It has been around for a long time and serves unique tapas designed by the esteemed Michelin Star Chef, Benito Gómez. If you want to enjoy some of Spain’s most emblematic dishes in a lively setting, you should definitely give it a try.

donde comer in ronda

Treat Your Partner to a Sumptuous Dinner

An entire article could be written on where to eat in Ronda after dark. For its diminutive size, the city certainly does boast an incredible amount of food joints and restaurants. Tropicana, on the Calle Acinipo, is an establishment which stands out for its organic cooking and that offers seasonal meals that celebrate the classic cuisine of Spain. The guests are always attended to with the utmost care and can revel in its warm atmosphere.

Do you want to impress your better half with an evening of culinary decadence at a fancy restaurant? The Bardal is waiting for you! This Michelin-starred restaurant, based in the Calle José Aparicio, only serves gorgeous dishes cooked from seasonal produce always in accordance with its Andalusian roots, in an effort to perpetuate Spanish traditional gastronomy while keeping in line with current tastes.

Do you still hunger to discover more about Andalusian cuisine?

Then, we invite you to download a map of Ronda that we put together especially for you. This informative document only features restaurants that offer local products and that work hand in hand with the local fair-trade community, supporting the Slow Food and Slow Travel movements and sustainable tourism in Spain.

Taste delicious Iberian ham as well as local goat and ewe’s milk cheese in Tienda Trinidad before heading to El Lechuguita and the Bar Almacen to try out some freshly-prepared Spanish delicacies from a wide range of tapas. To help you better locate the places offering Ronda’s best gourmet experiences, we have placed our “Experience Local” sign at the entrances of each of the twelve restaurants and shops mentioned on the map.
Now that you have a better idea of where to eat in Ronda, you will be able to travel more smartly and to appreciate the culinary depth of Andalusian cuisine. All that remains for us to say is: ¡Que aproveche!

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