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Ever since Entrelenguas opened in 2014, we’ve been developing an alternative concept of tourism in Ronda, Spain through the Slow travel movement, offering travellers and tourists the opportunity to get to know the city and its surroundings in a different and captivating way. We firmly believe that tourism agencies and other businesses owe their success to their environment and the local organisations in which their activities take place. 

Therefore, all our activities are intended to encourage and strengthen participation in the local community, all whilst setting the stage for travellers to have an authentic experience of local life here in Ronda. We take great pride in the fact that our visitors have a memorable experience, the likes of which aren’t offered by mass tourism or other Ronda tours.

The slow travel philosophy is integral to all we do at Entrelenguas. It’s important to us to stay loyal to that philosophy, and as such, everything we offer here has been developed with it in mind. We have established a close network in the community, working regularly with local families and businesses that share our vision. This shared passion for sustainable tourism strengthens our relations, so we’re always working to provide the best experience for our guests whilst making positive contributions to the local community.

We fight through the superficial nature of mass-tourism and forge a path to a deeper experience, giving access to information only known to locals and access to places that would otherwise be sadly overlooked. 

Our activities involving tasting and cooking also count on another philosophy. A key part of sustainable tourism relates to food and where it is acquired. As such, we keep the idea of farm-to-table in mind, keeping close contacts with local farmers and producers so we know directly where our resources come from. Not only does this create a more authentic experience, tasting the food grown on Andalusian soil, but it can have a significant positive impact on animal welfare and local farmers all whilst furthering the positive impact of sustainable tourism in Spain.

With this philosophy applied to our Ronda tours too, we ensure that the must-see places can be ticked off your list of things to do in Ronda but with a different approach. We complement the museums and prolific sites by walking through the winding streets which boast their own personal history known to the locals. Half the pleasure of a Ronda tour comes from the knowledge you leave with, something that we focus on so that the experience stays with you after you depart. Get to learn the unique facts and figures that aren’t on the tourist boards!

And with all our activities running under the slow travel philosophy, there’s the chance to go further with cultural immersion by choosing accommodation through us too with a homestay. A key part of slow travel is full immersion in the culture, and an easy way to achieve this is by staying in the home of a local family and sharing in their lives. This way, there’s involvement in all parts of Spanish life: Spanish facilities, Spanish food and Spanish people, all rolled into one. Coming home from an activity with us, to be greeted by the smiling faces of your host family is the perfect way to make the experience here in Ronda a little different.

Group and individual cancellations

       In the event of cancellations 16 days or more before the commencement of the activity, Entrelenguas will retain 20% of the total cost of the activity for management and running costs. 

       In the event of cancellations between 8 and 15 days before the commencement of the activity, Entrelenguas will retain 30% of the total cost of the activity.

       In the event of cancellations between 3 and 7 days before the commencement of the activity, Entrelenguas will retain 55% of the total cost of the activity. 

       In the event of cancellations 48 hours or less before the commencement of the activity, Entrelenguas will retain 100% of the cost of the activity. 

(*) Note: These percentages will always be applied when the reason for cancellation is not due to force majeure. In the case of force majeure, on the company or the client, 20% of the total programme cost will be charged. In order to validate a cancellation request, sufficient and valid proof and explanations will need to be provided, in written form to jcriado@entrelenguas.es

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