Where to Stay in Ronda, Spain

Our practical guide for you to know where to stay in Ronda

Plan your perfect getaway with some tips on where to stay in Ronda, Spain

Are you wondering where to stay in Ronda, Spain but aren’t sure which area of the city to choose? Too many options? Not sure what would suit you best? Read on to find out about the four main areas or barrios of Ronda, Spain, each with their own advantages and quirks, to discover which one takes your fancy. Here are  our recommendations on the best places to stay! But, first things first, here’s a map of Ronda that we designed for you so you can easily navigate the city.

San Francisco

El Barrio San Francisco, affectionately known just as ‘El Barrio’, is a super traditional neighbourhood where you’ll find local family businesses, bakeries, tapas bars and tiny grocery shops. It has a beautiful plaza, where on summer days you’ll see the local kids out playing and the neighbourhood people relaxing and catching up with a drink.

If you´re looking for a more relaxed escape to Ronda, Spain, El Barrio San Francisco is a good choice, away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre. It also feels more authentic than in the centre, with fewer tourists and groups wandering about. Here you will come across traditional people of Ronda, Spain, who have lived here all of their lives; called ceporreros they are the native people of this barrio who’ll show you how the locals live. If you’re a nature lover, this neighbourhood is perfect for you. 

From San Francisco, there´s great access to a wide variety of unbeatable places to hike, as it is surrounded by three of the most impressive natural parks in the region; La Sierra de Grazalema, Los Alcornocales and La Sierra de la Nieves. In this area there are magnificent constructions, the most impressive of them is the Almocabar Bridge (La Puerta de Almocabar). From the remains of the Old Convent of San Francisco, only the church is left, which portrays a beautiful Gothic-Mudejar style.

Take a seat on the terrace of Bar Sanchez taking in the beautiful neighbourhood views, with some typical tapas to really soak up the atmosphere of this barrio. In San Francisco you won’t be short of things to do in Ronda. 

Where To Stay in Ronda: If you fancy San Francisco, stay at the Boabdil Guesthouse, a restored traditional house in the heart of El Barrio, with boutique rooms decorated in classic Andalusian style.

where to stay in Ronda

La Ciudad

La Ciudad is the Old Town of Ronda, where you´ll find most of the historic architecture and cultural sites, right at the centre of Ronda’s history. If you choose to stay in this barrio, you will be among some of the oldest and most historic buildings in Spain.

You will also find various museums, for example, the Museum of Wine and Museo Lara, which houses a collection of 18th and 19th century weapons, photographs, cinematography and archaeological items. The Mondragon Palace is a museum about the history of the city, housed in a 14th century home with gardens, courtyards and spectacular water features. In this area it´s really worth visiting the House of King Moro (Casa del Rey Moro), its architecture is remarkable and from here you can also access the Tajo gorge, thanks to the stairs belonging to the old mine. Most impressive is the Alminar de San Sebastian, which is reminiscent of Arabic constructions that belonged to the mosque.

If you’re searching for peace and quiet, this is the neighbourhood you should stay in. It is almost all pedestrianised, so there is a sense of peace among the streets, free from the noise pollution of traffic.  You will enjoy La Ciudad most of all if you take a slow stroll around the narrow, whitewashed streets, admiring the stately palaces and imagining royalty passing through the streets as they did hundreds of years ago.

Where to stay in Ronda: Hotel San Gabriel is right in the heart of the Old Town, a traditional 18th century house surrounded by cultural monuments and stunning architecture.  If you’re puzzled about where to stay in Ronda, why not choose to stay at the heart of the action in La Ciudad?

donde quedarte en Ronda

El Centro

After crossing the Puente Nuevo from La Ciudad, you will enter El Centro, the most modern part of the city.  Here Ronda will feel like a real town; full of shops, restaurants and bars. You can find everything you need here, with an endless array of tapas bars, big name brands & shops, international cuisine, you name it.

El Centro is perfect if you’re looking for somewhere modern that has all your home comforts, as you can always visit the more traditional parts of the city during the day.

El Centro also boasts the classic Plaza de Toros (the oldest bullring in Spain!). If artisanal gifts are your thing, there´s nothing better than taking a walk through Calle de la Bola, a street full of shops which is constantly buzzing. There are always people about, including other travellers, so there’s a great atmosphere around the streets. If you’re looking for a lively nightlife scene, you won’t be disappointed by the endless bars around the town centre. Try Drinks & Co, a modern bar where you’ll think you’ve been transported to Shoreditch in London. You also have to go to El Lechuguita; a lively tapas bar always busy with people eager to taste their famous (and well-priced) tapas dishes.

Where to stay in Ronda: The Hotel Catalonia is a slice of luxury; this four star hotel boasts a central location, a stone’s throw away from the bullring and the Puente Nuevo. What’s more it has a rooftop terrace complete with infinity pool, which is really worth going to, even if it’s just to have a drink and enjoy the views.

Have you found what you’re looking for? Whether you’d prefer to be in the thick of it in the city or you’re looking for a more traditional experience, Ronda will have something for you. Now that you are briefed on where to stay in Ronda, we’d like to invit you to read the following article to discover practical things you should know in advance of visiting the city that sits on the edge of a cliff.

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