Meet Alex, Our Official Tourist Guide

Experience the Slow Tourism Philosophy with Alex!

When you experience a tour in any city, you always want to be sure that you are in good hands. Those who give these tours have the power to shape your entire experience and memories of that city, so it’s imperative they have the knowledge, understanding and love of their home to give you a genuine and unforgettable experience.

In Ronda Alex Montesinos is that guide, taking visitors on a carefully designed tour and sharing with them his passion for the local area. As one of the co-founders of Slow Ronda and Entrelenguas, here he explains his sustainable approach to tourism and why he is enthralled by sharing the delights of the city with each and every visitor that passes through our doors.

What training and experience has led you to work as a professional tourist guide?

In general, most people are passionate about travel. Travelling is an escape from routine, away from home. In short, I would personally say that travel is synonymous with happiness. I have always known that I wanted to work in a profession in which I could feel the tentative appreciation for something different, which in turn can be cultivated into a genuine love for their new experiences.

Why is it important to travel in a sustainable way?

The tourism sector has been evolving in a way which doesn’t permit allowing even a second to spare for the environmental impact that it has. This evolution has been driven by economics and financial gain, and hardly anyone has stopped to think about the negative effects that tourism could have. This has led to not only the mass urbanization of the most popular tourist areas but also a loss of genuineness, resulting in less meaningful insight of these places for people wishing to visit.

The mismanagement of the sector and its uninhibited growth means that tourists are constantly searching for a new, more authentic destination. Coupled with the emergence of new trends in tourism, such as Slow Tourism, there is yet hope for travellers. These days, tourists are looking to experience what locals live like in their destinations, above all else. As people’s desires have changed, so too has the sector.

Tourists are increasingly wanting to integrate and immerse themselves in their destination, communicate with locals and take part in their culture. In short, the Slow Tourism and sustainable tourism that we provide at Slow Ronda are fundamental to the interests and goals of our clients. Traveling like a local and leaving the term “tourist” behind in favour of “traveller” is the way to find immersion and really experience a destination. We try to include all of this in our activities and give back to the community that makes it possible.

Why did you begin to focus your work on alternative tourism?

I was lucky to have trained in the tourism sector during a period of constant changes, which allowed me to perceive the sector with fresh eyes. I always knew that tourism was important for the local economy, but bit by bit I also realized the importance of approaching tourism in a sustainable and positive way.

My work has always been directly linked to travelling. I began working as a tour guide with groups in the most famous places in the country, always very touristy and always with lots of people. For a while I worked abroad organizing ski holidays, but it was while I was travelling that I realized that I wanted my career to be centred around sustainability and Slow Tourism.

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What are the tours that you offer in Slow Ronda?

The tours that we offer here are based on contact with the local population and respect for the basic values of local sustainability. I think it’s fundamental to respect the community by not abusing local resources. Tourism is rejected by local residents when it negatively affects their quality of life, so we strive to use only local produce and give back to the community wherever possible.

Other important elements are tradition, natural and organic local products and small group sizes. These basic principles support our philosophy of Slow Tourism and make sure that the traveller feels more immersed in the local community during their stay.

Our goal at Slow Ronda is for visitors to feel at home and to enjoy all that Ronda has to offer while feeling welcome and making friends.

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