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I. Our Authentic Tour of Ronda – Swerve the Tourist Trap!

Today we’re going to take you along on our authentic Tour of Ronda. Ronda is one of the oldest towns in Spain with a history dating back 2,000 years, therefore there’s a huge amount to see and do! Our recommendations will guarantee you can make the most of your stay, ensuring you see both the famous tourist sites and the lesser-known hidden gems! Read on to find out some of the places we recommend visiting for an authentic tour of Ronda, Spain and how you can swerve the tourist traps and have a unique local experience!

II. Our Authentic Tour of Ronda – Best Spots in Ronda

tour of Ronda tour de Ronda

San Francisco Neighbourhood

Starting from San Francisco, the traditional quarter of Ronda, take a walk around the neighbourhood and its surroundings, the best way to explore the city – on foot! Affectionately known as ‘El Barrio’, this area is known for its ancient walls and magnificent constructions. Here you’ll see the Almocabar Bridge and the Old Convent of San Francisco, which is characterised by a beautiful Gothic-Mudejar style.

Arab Baths

Just outside the old city walls, you can visit the Arab Baths, built around the 11th century, and surprisingly still in excellent condition. These baths not only served as a place to bathe for the locals but also as a space to cleanse their bodies before entering the Mosque, which was originally located next to the baths. Walking around this area you’ll experience a snapshot of local life, wandering through stunning valleys and Andalusian nature, as well as local farms growing organic products. Following the Slow Tourism philosophy, we also recommend you see the land where our products are grown, supporting the local community and encouraging responsible tourism in our city.

The New Bridge (El Puente Nuevo)

The New Bridge (El Puente Nuevo) is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. Built in the 18th century and taking 40 years to complete, it was constructed to connect the old and new towns. From here you can see the best views in Ronda; the mountains of the Sierra de la Grazalema give an impressive backdrop to the city. You’ll also be able to view the famous El Tajo gorge, dropping down 120 metres to where it meets the Guadalevín River.

The Old Town

Take a walk through the Old Town of Ronda, also known as La Ciudad, where you’ll find most of the historic architecture and palaces, right in the middle of Ronda’s history and amongst some of the oldest buildings in Spain. Walking through the Old Town you´ll experience a typical Andalusian feel; you’ll see whitewashed buildings, orange trees and sunlit plazas. You’ll also spot local businesses selling artisanal and organic products, the perfect opportunity to find a unique, sentimental gift to remind you of Ronda! We also recommend visiting the traditional ‘-ería’ shops such as the panadería, carnicería, joyería etc. where you’ll find some beautiful local gifts and produce whilst supporting sustainable tourism in Spain.

Romantic Travellers

We also recommend reading about the Viajeros Románticos who developed our city. These were the Romantic Travellers, such as Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles and Rainer Maria Rilke, who were looking for inspiration for their next novel or artwork, and they were sure to find it in Ronda. Even today, many artists and writers continue to come here to be inspired by the city. If truth be told, the main attraction of Ronda is simply soaking up the atmosphere and getting inspired wandering through the cobbled streets, frequenting quaint tapas bars and walking its unspoiled countryside.

Palaces and Gardens

Also in this area, you will be able to visit the Mondragón Palace, a museum about the history of Ronda, housed in a 14th century home with beautiful gardens, courtyards and spectacular water features. There is also the House of King Moro, the ancient Arab king, whose architecture is remarkable and beautifully decorated with hanging gardens. Next on the list is the Alameda del Tajo, a beautiful park full of fresh flowers and intricately adorned gardens. Here you’ll be able to admire the stunning landscape from the viewpoints and find out more about the history of Ronda, Spain.

If you want to get a head start on exploring the city, download our map of Ronda to help you get your bearings, complete with our best restaurant recommendations! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions, we would be happy to recommend another alternative tour of Ronda and even more things to do in this Andalusian gem!

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