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At our hub, we offer a Ronda tour that’s different to anything else out there. With our slow travel philosophy, we strive to avoid the masses of tourists who flock to our wonderful city, and instead give you the option to lose yourself in the cosy, quiet neighbourhoods and lesser known corners of the area all while giving you a taste of the rich and diverse history and culture that the city has to offer. Don’t worry though! Our guided tours in Ronda, Spain also cover the must-see and most prolific sites of the highest quality so you can tick those off your list of things to do in Ronda too!

We begin the trip in the centre of the city to make our way to the San Francisco barrio, one of the oldest and most traditional neighbourhoods of the city, where the gate of the Almocabar gives way to the ancient heart of the municipality. Once you have arrived here, we pass through narrow, winding streets which connect traditional monuments and points of interest up till you arrive at the Arabic Medina, whose history you’ll learn in full. From there we’ll continue the guided tour of Ronda with a visit to the famous Arabic Baths, built in the thirteenth and fourteenth century next to the Guadalevín river, to which belongs an architectural and cultural value like no other.

Furthermore, within this guided tour you’ll get the chance to visit the three iconic bridges for which the town is famous, connecting the city and its various barrios.

Our official guides at Entrelenguas, with extensive experience, will enlighten you with everything that has happened in our city since medieval times, revealing why it is one of the most visited locations in Andalusia. We would be delighted to answer any questions you might have!

Please keep in mind that we only offer these tours in Ronda, Spain in small groups to keep in line with our business philosophy which encourages and promotes travels and experiences that are personal and authentic. Additionally, we can offer a Ronda tour in a closed group for you, your friends and family should you wish to have a more intimate experience, which we can mould to suit your wants and needs.


2,5 hours 


240 € | price per group


 -10% | excluding VAT

What's included in the activity?

Visit to the most important cultural sites in Ronda, Guided tour of the city with official guide


Ronda, Spain. 

For whom?

For everybody – Maximum 8 people per group

Guided Tours in Ronda Spain

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