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Do you like to pay attention to what you eat and the impact it has? Thinking about how to keep it up when you travel?… Keep reading!

Nothing makes us happier than the sight of new shoots surfacing on our vegetable bed in Ronda, Spain, and the thought of the vibrant coloured produce waiting to be picked.

We love to see the lady out the front of her house selling walnuts to other locals. It puts a smile on your face when a neighbour drops by with some free-range eggs. Any food brought into the world with a little love tastes all the better for it.

slow food

But we’re not just trying to paint a nice picture. We want to introduce you to the idea of Slow Food, a philosophy born of the fear that local and traditional food practices might become obsolete in the face of Fast Food.

Slow Food aims to counter the mundane production of fast food and give life to culinary traditions and customs that may have been forgotten.

Food should be appreciated, not rushed, as this leads to poor quality. With traditional food being the focus, a really important part is the season. Although nowadays the joys of importing and exporting mean that out-of-season produce can be available all year round, this doesn’t mean we should buy it.

Think about the quality! Will tomatoes really have the best taste in January?

slow food en España

Slow food in Spain… just the start!

With humble beginnings as a revolution against fast food, the slow food philosophy has been evolving over time into other life philosophies. The ideas of tradition and appreciation of the local products have been applied to other aspects of life; there’s slow fashion, slow media, slow travel to name only a few. In fact, there’s a whole movement! The Slow Movement is really having a cultural impact.

As you can see, Slow Food is only one branch of the philosophy. Tourism companies have taken on the idea and now offer their services as part of a wider community focusing on sustainable tourism in Spain. Tourism in the country is closely related to its traditional gastronomy and more and more companies offer a service based on this theme.

Slow Tourism, among other things, promotes the consumption of quality products based on aspects such as the origin, the temporality and the process of the food consumed in order to guarantee the experience and the natural cycle of traditional cuisine. When these ideas are incorporated into an experience, it’ll be like no other.

Plan slow and then go!

When making your travel plans it’s good to have these sustainable slow philosophies in mind so you can find the most authentic options. For example, if a Ronda tour is on your list of things to do in Ronda, check that the one you opt for doesn’t go for the tourist traps. Go for the alternative option, perhaps it lists stops that you can’t google… all the better! When you know you’re truly mingling with a local you’ll be shown the real destination.

  • Written by @SlowRonda Team

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