Organic Wine Tasting in Ronda

Discover How to Step up Your Meals at Our Organic Wine Tasting in Ronda.

Spain is famous for its flavourful cuisine as well as for its suitability for growing a wide range of unique produce. This ancestral country, covering most of the Iberian Peninsula, is the third largest wine producer worldwide, second only to Italy and France (in 2018). Most Spanish wine is made from around twenty local grape varieties, such as Palomino, Tempranillo, Garnacha, and others.

organic wine tasting in Ronda

Ronda, a village in the region of Malaga, is no exception to this rule. It is where the famous American novelist Ernest Hemingway, most certainly drank many a glass of the valley’s exquisite wine on his extended stays in his rural estate near the city’s scenic location. This White Village of Andalusia is perched on top of a steep cliff cut in half by an impressive gorge named El Tajo. Both parts of Ronda are accessible by the means of a massive stone bridge, overlooking El Tajo, known as El Puente Nuevo (The New Bridge).

This feat of architecture and engineering, dating from the XVIII Century AD, perfectly blends with its natural surroundings and is still to this day a stunning sight to behold.

At Entrelenguas, in Ronda’s Old Town, our goal is to promote our visitors’ cultural immersion, by presenting them with activities upholding the values of sustainable tourism. Our cultural centre proposes a large selection of gastronomic activities, at the occasion of which we only use Ronda’s local and seasonal produce.

The “slow tourism” and “slow food” movements are at the core of our philosophy. It is in this same spirit that we decided to begin working with oenology and to acquire our own personal vineyard to organise culinary activities on site in order to promote alternative agriculture.   
It was thus that our vocation was born. At our organic wine tasting in Ronda, we share our passion about wines and spirits with others, while taking our guests on an oenological adventure, at the heart of our vineyard.

A Fruitful Wine Tasting Calls for Lavish Wines

As mentioned earlier, our organic wine tasting in Ronda is conducted in our charming vineyard, at a fifteen minutes’ walk from the centre’s premises. Once there, you will catch a glimpse of the growing process of the grapes used in the craft of small-scale winemaking and get further acquainted with the power and expression of wines made from the Garnacha variety. You will be invited to taste our integrated selection of multidimensional wines, purposefully balanced with the authentic Spanish lunch that will be served to you for the occasion.

cata de vino organico en Ronda

A Wonderful Frame

Our vineyard is located on the side of a small hill, right in front of Ronda’s Puente Nuevo, and allows our guests to fully enjoy one of the best views Ronda has to offer. As it is placed in the middle of a sprawling array of dappled orchards, olive groves and purple almond blossoms, it provides the ideal setting for a cookout followed by a lazy afternoon, spent in agreeable company.

It is also directly facing the city, granting our visitors with an uninterrupted perspective on the town’s Old District. If you are fond of beautiful landscapes, you do not want to miss this opportunity to appreciate a few glasses of wine, while admiring the Moorish fortress from a unique angle.

If you desire to do something a bit different and could use a good session of organic wine tasting in Ronda, you won’t be disappointed in joining us in uncorking some bottles, while immersed in the magical scenery of Ronda.

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