Dog Friendly Spots in Ronda

Dog friendly places can be hard to come by while travelling

We love dogs at Slow Ronda and welcome them with open arms!

Regardless of whether you are travelling with your dog in Ronda, or already live here but are unsure where you can take your pet, we’ve got it covered here!  There is an abundance of beautiful and exciting countryside to explore with your four-legged friend in Ronda, Spain, and endless outdoor activities to give your pet the exercise and fun they deserve. It can be difficult working out what to do and whether or not your dog can come with you to a restaurant, but don’t worry, there are many things to do in Ronda with your furry friends, so here are our favourite dog friendly spots in Ronda.

What to do – Dog friendly spots in Ronda

There are literally thousands of things to do with a dog here in Ronda! The town is situated in the mountains in the Serranía de Ronda, therefore you will find numerous hikes to do, giving you and your pet the chance to take in some fresh air, the beautiful views and nature- an activity we are sure your dog loves! A great walk to do with your furry friends is through the valley behind Ronda.

Another great activity is to go down to the river that splits the town of Ronda in two, so you and your dog can cool off in the natural water. If your pet loves swimming, we recommend Cueva del Gato, a cave with a gorgeous, crystal clear pool a few kilometres from Ronda.

Dogs are able to swim freely in a zone specifically for them, and if you are lucky enough not to come across many people you will also be able to give your dog a bit more freedom! If you have a car it’s just a short drive, but if not, you can combine a walk of 3 hours with a swim. The water remains cold in the summer so you and your dog can cool off, and beside the pool is the ideal spot for a picnic!

You can also of course take your dog for a stroll through the enchanting old town of Ronda, Spain and kill two birds with one stone- explore the history of the town and have a nice walk with your best friend! In the old town you will also come across sunlit plazas where you can sit in the sun and grab a refreshing drink for you and your dog!

dog friendly

Where to eat – Dog friendly spots in Ronda

Finding a spot to eat at can also be difficult when you are accompanied by your dog. In Spain it’s common to find that the majority of restaurants don’t permit dogs inside for hygiene reasons, but there are many restaurants and bars here in Ronda, Spain where you are more than welcome to sit out on the terrace and eat and drink with your pet. You can download our Ronda map to see all of our suggestions for the best local bars and restaurants, whilst also supporting Slow Travel and sustainable tourism in Spain.

For a quick bite to eat we recommend El Almacén, this is the perfect spot to sit with a pet (both inside and outside) and order some tapas. You will find this bar right in the city centre, so if you need a break from a nice stroll around the new part of the city, why not stop for some tasty croquetas?

If you are looking for a fancier meal at a restaurant, Tragatá is one of our favourite dog friendly spots in Ronda. Recently refurbished, Tragatá is a really cool spot, a blend of traditional Andalusian and contemporary style, made even better by the fact that they allow dogs. The exquisite menu is developed by Michelin star chef Benito Gómez and is a fusion of classic Andalusian ingredients and more modern styles and flavours.

lugares dog friendly en ronda

Another spot that we recommend checking out is Drinks&Co. Another alternative and modern spot in Ronda, Spain, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a beer or two, listen to some good music and relax with your dog. They have a wide selection of drinks on the menu, and the atmosphere is ideal for unwinding.

Dogs are very welcome in the city, and there are numerous dog friendly spots in Ronda, Spain! If you enjoyed this post and would like to read more about travelling in Spain with dogs, check out the site Señor Perro, they have loads of information and tips for dog friendly places in Spain!

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