Best Hikes in Ronda

Go on the Best Hikes in Ronda, Down in the Valley 

Would you like to give yourself a break?     
Come to Entrelenguas and we will take you on some of the best hikes in Ronda. Embark on an adventure in the wilderness during your trip through Andalusia; let your wanderlust take you on yet another journey and dare to come witness Ronda’s natural beauty. You will find a large number of trails to explore—meandering all around and through the scenic mountain ranges circumventing Ronda—in the heart of the Andalusian countryside.            
Wait no longer to come admire the incredible majesty of the raw diversity encompassing this White Village. 

los mejores senderos de Ronda

At the Feet of the Puente Nuevo

Our trips start at Entrelenguas’ cultural centre. Leaving the Barrio San Francisco near Ronda’s Old Town and making your way through the Spanish farmland encompassing the city’s historic centre, you will be able to see the old quarter’s whitewashed walls glowing at a distance, among cork oaks and almond trees.       
From there, our hiking party will gently stroll down through vineyards and olive groves alike, until reaching an overlook of the whole valley. This awe-inspiring viewpoint is the perfect place for sightseeing and taking great pictures.

On the occasion of this crucial step of our best hikes in Ronda’s vicinity, you will finally be standing at the feet of the famed Puente Nuevo (The New Bridge). The group will stop for a short rest, and you will be at leisure to enjoy breath-taking views over Ronda, its rural surroundings and the impressive gorge of the Hoya del Tajo. You will also probably notice the scattered ruins of ancient watermills that were used in times past to harness the power of the torrent running downhill; that is, before they were smashed to smithereens, when the old Puente Nuevo was destroyed—six years after it was originally built in 1735—tumbling down onto the eleven structures.

best hikes in ronda

A Sensational Landscape

Following the course of the Guadalevín River for a bit, we will venture further down the basin before going up again to eventually attain the summit of a steep cliff, where we will stop for a brief picnic. On the way, you will have the opportunity to drink from natural springs and observe the local farmers tending to their crops; an occasional shepherd leading his flock on the horizon. Walk in the steps of the Ancient Romans, Moors, and Christians that farmed this land and built Ronda from the ground up and behold the dispersed remains of the bygone world they vied to conquer. 

There’s nothing like getting lost in the country to help you unwind in perfect harmony with mother nature. Going on one of our best hikes in Ronda will give you a taste of the authentic way of life the region’s inhabitants enjoy. This is a priceless experience that you don’t want to miss. At the end, you are sure to come back to civilisation feeling rejuvenated. 

– Written by @Arthur Boureau

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